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Arsenal Chairman resigned to losing Cesc? Who knows

May 27, 2010

They say all good things must come to an end. Ashley and Cheryl’s marriage, Lost and Diego Maradona’s grip on reality are just a few examples of this. You may now also want to add ‘Cesc Fabregas playing for Arsenal’ to that list, as it appears even saggy-eyed Chairman Peter Hill-Wood is resigned to losing the bearded-wonder.

"So long seaons of unfulfilled promise and disappointment, I'm of to Barca!" Is what Fabregas might be saying here.

Only a week ago, Hill-Wood was putting on his bravest face, telling

“We (Arsenal) don’t want to lose him and we will do our damnedest to keep him.”

However, that optimism has now faded into the background, only to be replaced by a sense of doomed resignation, when he told soccernet today:

“It is our policy that we give the manager a transfer budget which includes the ability to use all the money from player sales.”

Now, he is either talking about the £2.50 he would raise from selling Manuel Almunia and Lucas Fabianski, or, infinitely more likely, he is talking about the mega-bucks Arsenal would receive when they sell Fabregas to Barcelona.

Of course, Hill-Wood stopped short of confirming the Spainard was leaving, rather unhelpfully saying:

“Fabregas might stay, he might go, I have no idea, and have no intention of  making any comment on the subject.”

Just the kind of fighting talk i’m sure many Arsenal fans wanted to hear.