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Beckham turns teacher

May 28, 2010

Sunburn, getting mugged, bad pitches, and getting mugged again. These are just some of the things players at this summer’s World Cup might be afraid of. Unfortunately Theo Walcott’s name is unlikely to be added to that list after a rather embarrassing story on the Daily Mail website today proclaims:

David Beckham is teaching Theo Walcott how to cross

Would Becks be impressed by this technique?

The fact that our first choice winger is having being taught how to cross a football two weeks before the start of the tournament will no doubt have Brazil and Spain either a) looking fearfully at their wallcharts, working out when they might have to face this fearsome winger, or b) holding back fits of laughter whilst trying to keep straight faces. I suspect the latter will be closer to the truth.

It is something that has become worryingly clear about Walcott, that apart from his blistering pace, he really doesn’t have much else going for him. While Becks is at it, maybe he should show Theo how to pass, shoot and do something other than run in a straight line until he loses the ball.

Now, Walcott is only 21 and is already going to his second World Cup, but it doesn’t seem like he has the necessary skill set to really trouble defences now that his pace is no longer a surprise to the opposition, as it was when he scored his hat-trick against Croatia. How long he is going to be able to live off that by the way?

It must be said that England’s other options on the right, Aaron Lennon and Shaun Wright-Phillips could also be seen as nothing more than pacey one trick ponies too, but with Lennon you at least get the sense that there may be some kind of end product.

I wonder if Walcott may be more effectively used from the bench when the opposition are gettng tired, but it seems that Capello is a fan of his pace, if nothing else. I may even be inclined to give Adam Johnson a go on the right against Japan. Who knows, he may even know how to cross already.