Sullivan wants Beckham at Upton Park

“Everyone wants to be popular, but sometimes you have to do things that are for good rather than popularity.”

Words of wisdom from West Ham’s co-owner David Sullivan there, and it seems this piece of advice was right at the

Will Becks make David Sullivan the happiest man in the world?

 forefront of his mind when he today announced that he would love to sign David Beckham.

Ignoring the fact the Hammers are in somewhat of a financial pickle and narrowly avoided relegation last season, Sullivan believes 35-year-old Beckham is the man to turn around the club’s fortunes. He also revealed he tried to re-sign Joe Cole and it is believed Diego Maradona and Julian Dicks are on an extensive wishlist. He told the Daily Mail:

“If AC Milan didn’t want him in January and if he still wanted to do it, I’d love to have him. He seems a remarkable professional.”

In terms of populist moves, few can trump a bid to sign David Beckham, and no doubt Sullivan would be willing to throw in one of his fantastic jackets as a lure. Just how they would be able to afford Beckham’s stellar wages is another question, but who wants to be bogged down by such matters. And anyway, who needs sound financial infastructure when you’ve got David Beckham?

Sullivan is a comical figure at the best of times, but his and David Gold’s constant interfering with West Ham is beginning to make the club a joke. Attempting to sign players the club can’t afford, sacking Gianfranco Zola for saving the club from relegation and putting the entire squad bar Scott Parker up for sale are amongst the owner’s most questionable decisions so far. One imagines more are yet to follow. 

For further proof of what a ridiculous man David Sullivan is, there are ample quotes and pictures here.

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